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I finally finished Deep space nine. 7/10 ish.

Favorite characters were Garak, Vic Fontaine and Quark. The Cardassians were the most interesting race with the best episodes. The Bajorans were my least favorite and Kira the most hated character by the end. Sisko wasn't very good either and the ending best forgotten. Plus Bashir and Ezri ugh, painful.

There were still plenty good episodes to make it worthwhile. Nothing that really stands out as the great episodes of TNG, yet good enough to keep watching. I did skip through a few episodes tough, the low could get really low.

I also watched Black Mirror season 4. The first episode on the space ship and the last one black museum were the best by far, with Metalhead following closely behind. The other three were rather boring.

And I just started watching Altered Carbon. Same theme as the black museum episode. Interesting so far (first episode), kind of a The Expanse vibe.
April 11th, less than 2 months!