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numberwang said:

Doom on the GBA

The GBA CPU was much better than the SNES, Doom is very much a CPU driven game.

So impossible port? Nah.

curl-6 said:

Crysis 1 on PS3/360 seriously impressed me, as games designed to push high end PCs of 2007/2011 squeezed onto 2005 console hardware.

Crysis 1 was running on the Console-optimised Crysis 2 engine. Otherwise it would have been one of those "impossible ports".

curl-6 said:

The ports of Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 to the original Xbox were similarly remarkable.

Well. Half Life 2 can run on fixed function PC GPU hardware (I.E. The very first Geforce GPU). That's a GPU or two generations before the original Xbox. So it's not entirely unsurprising.

And Doom 3's minimum PC requirements is a Geforce 3, so it fits in with the original Xbox.

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