Mar1217 said:
CosmicSex said:

Okay so you guys have to accept that everyone is different and you can't define people's reasons for enjoying something.  I read your comments and shake my head like 'who actually thinks about these things'  then I realize that you are different.  You are groomed to question peoples reasoning and have to hold it up to what you think they should like or want to see.   And thats okay.  You think differently.    Just apply that to folks who really think that way.  A young business lady in my town got into comics and superheros after watching Xmen and seeing Storm.  To her, she never saw people like herself in the genre and that gave her a greater appreciation for the genre overall.  While I might not get it or experience the same thing, I recognize it as a valid thought process and perspective. Likewise, if I dismissed you being flabergassed, It would be because I am too close minded to accept that you have a different perspective. 

All is well :)

*sigh* Okay.

First, don't put a plot armor on yourself and others just because you don't want me to define reasons why people do enjoy their stuff. All you're showing is insecurity towards differents opinions (and in this case, it ain't negative but I wanna try to nuance it). 

And my point doesn't concern the individuals but more so the society that made this movie into what it resulted today.

A podcast about the concepts of representation and inclusion in film and media.

P.S : Thanks to illegal streaming the gods of the internet, I got to watch it ... and it's a good movie that follows the structural way of any Marvel movies as to date, even though I can't bare some of the modern tropes used in it. 

Also ... what happened with the CGI ? Were the programmers the same that worked on Spidey Homecoming ?! Ugh ... step up your game Marvel.

Yea, the CG left a lot to be desired.  Like I said in another post, the CG in the OG Iron Man was better.  And that was a decade ago.

Nice vid.  Subbed to her.  God, it sickens me that Disney allowed her to promote the film wearing a shirt with the member of a hate group on it.  That would be like letting Chris Evans promote Captain America while wearing a shirt with Nathan Bedford Forrest, an early leader of the KKK, on it.  Pathetic.