Mar1217 said:
CosmicSex said:

I am saying that I am not judging you or even attempting to change your point of view.  I am saying that everyone is different and thats fine.  I don't know what plot armor is.  Could you explain what you mean by that?

1) "I read your comments and shake my head like 'who actually thinks about these things'  then I realize that you are different.  You are groomed to question peoples reasoning and have to hold it up to what you think they should like or want to see"

There's your judgement. 

2) I meant that you're trying to cover the movie and intrinsically people's reasons to enjoying it by protecting yourself, others and it beyond all criticism.

This doesn't mean that I can't understand why somebody would enjoy a piece of commercial art for what it basically is to consummers : intertainement.

I'm just trying to get into a discussion that goes beyond this aspect.

P.S : I'll stop there since it ain't really a thread dedicated to these kind of disscussions. It's suppose to be about the box-office sales.

The movie is already near the 400M mark worldwide with the majority of gains from the US(of course) with 250M +

Legs and the China market will have to be seen ....

Fair enough.