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Stuart23 said:
Fifa on Switch got almost 500x boost from last week due to a price cut to all versions. It is above the Xone version. That furter proofs that how many people want it on Switch but didn't wanted to pay full price for missing content.

Yeah the price drop on Fifa 18 Switch version has been massive at 50% or over dropping it from £49.99 to £21.99 on Amazon and £24.99 at GAME this past week, X1/PS4 had a moderate cut from from £39.99 to £31.99 also.

Kingdom Come Deliverance also been out of stock on both OX1/PS4 since day one on Amazon and still is, Been in stock at most other places though it had a few spells online/instore at GAME where it bounced in an out but overall it seems to of had a good start on consoles.