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PDF said:
Another issue with vg$ was waiting for payouts. I used to have to skip rounds waiting to get my money back. I think that could even be worse now that the numbers are further behind than they used to be.

Good point!! i was having the same problem with my limited budget of VG$. I was thinking of getting on one line with the person who does all the number updates at the moment and see if i can get more insight on the exact schedule. Possible solutions otherwise could include : keep rounds longer open or start them even after the week has past but before the release of the numbers on VGC itself.

and maybe even see if there is anything left of the orginal data which allowed the updates 1/2 weeks after the actually week instead of 1-2 months later

frankly and this is my personal opinion :  a preorder chart is great but if the preorderchart is released in februari about numbers in december why even publish it.
I assume it has to do with accuracy versus speed, where back in 2006-2010 it was all about VGC having the first numbers with adjustments afterwards, currently its later and still adjustment are needed

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