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As the title says.  I will be picking up my physical copy at EBgames/Gamestop after work today.

It's got decent reviews (like 70-80).  Seems like the majority of negative feedback I read comes from the AI but this should seriously be played with others anyways (It's like RE5 all over again lol).  And also the visuals? Honestly this is a major step up from the look of the original and clearly this wasn't a high budget remake but at least it happened.  I personally like the design of the layout and characters and im sure with its simplistic look it was easy to make for the Vita and for possibly future Switch release.

And before anybody says the typical 'this should be on the Switch etc..' there's been recent talks of it porting to NS.  Also I feel like regardless of sales of this game for the PS4/Vita, Square will want to port this to Switch and its only a matter of time.  If it sells like hot cakes -> port it to make more money, if it sells bad and need to make more money -> port it.

Well, I know i'll be enjoying the hell out of this amazing classic and is excited to play this with my gf.  New Mana gamers should definitely pick this us, and I hope to those veterans that pick this up will also enjoy it as much as we did when we played it on the SNES :)