TheTruthHurts! said:

For any relationship to last each side must be willing to make compromises.

I am 39, married 17 years and a huge gamer. I have two Daughters as well.

You have many options, but here are a few that might work.

Talk about how you feel about the current situation and see if she will make adjustments to her time in the living room.

Make a schedule that builds in PS4 her time and PS4 your time, or better yet, PS4 together time.

Discuss a couples purchase of another Pro, one that is both of yours. Place that one in the living room and take yours back and have it in your room. That way if she crashed out in bed and you want to stay up and play a bit you can.

All of the success I have had regarding gaming has been built around communication and comprimise. If you are both willing the relationship will last.

THIS RIGHT HERE!!! I've been married for almost 12 years with 3 children. Compromise is one of the many things we do in marriage. Both that and communication. Spot on!!!!

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