I don’t mind dialogue-driven shows, but if you’re not attached to the characters or story then I could see why it would be hard to enjoy it.

I’d say a bigger issue I have with long-running TV shows is how contrived it feels when a casting issue comes up. I loved the first few seasons of House M.D, but it was annoying seeing the show trying to accommodate this all the time. Cutner’s actor has a new job? Random suicide. Cameron’s actress wants off? Random divorce. Cuddy’s actress wants more money? Replace her with another character. While I get the writers are doing the best they can with these situations, in the end it feels less like a cohesive narrative, and it hurts the final product. As a viewer, I shouldn’t have to be aware of issues out-universe to make sense of these sudden changes.

I agree that Breaking Bad was fantastic though. Better Call Saul is also great, though for different reasons.

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