Pemalite said:
Rendering the game on a server and sending it over the internet? Pass. Big fat pass.
Latency and all that. Latency from me to Googles' local servers are a good 40-60ms, I just don't see that as being a good time.

But if they stream the data for it to be rendered locally in real time? I'm keen. Provided there is an option to download the complete dataset for offline playing.
But that also tends to mean a greater initial hardware investment by the consumer, unless you have Ouya type ARM hardware, but then image quality will be shit.

aye, I mean that's the same as playing a game constantly around the 55fps mark which should be rendered at 60fps, I mean it doesn't sound like a lot but for a 60fps game you need a frame ever 16/17ms so with ever a minimal amount of lag you are hitting 3-5frames between when it was rendered and when you see it not to mention that it is a 2 way thing, so 6-10 frames between you inputting a command and it having a visible impact in the game? No thanks for now until technology comes a long way further it will be very hard for cloud gaming to really come close to what is offered from a powerful GPU at home.

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