Ka-pi96 said:
monocle_layton said:
This would work if we assumed the average US citizen didn’t pay extraordinary amounts for shitty internet which caps at 30 mbps but rarely reaches that.

A shame really, cause if we had something like Fiber or decent internet I’d enjoy such services

It's not just speed. Think of the data caps many people still have too!

I live in the UK where unlimited internet usage is fortunately the standard, but my last internet provider did have an optional cheaper data capped version, I worked it out that with my Netflix usage alone I'd be paying an extra £80 a month for that "cheaper" option than the unlimited usage one. So streaming gaming services would really suck for those who don't have a choice but to use capped internet, which I believe is still the case for many people in the US.

Yeah you really can't criticize internet issues before people stampede in telling me to "appreciate what I have" and to appreciate cause fuckin africans or something don't got internet. You shouldn't pay that much for your Netflix assume (which I assume is reasonable).

At this point we really shouldn't see such ridiculous limitations from internet companies in developed countries. Unless someone is streaming 8k hentai while uploading fifteen youtube videos 24/7, we shouldn't see data caps for the average person.