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Chazore said:
Errorist76 said:

You will...Obsidian are some of the best in the RPG world.

Larian as well of course! Divinity: Original Sin and especially Divinity 2 are also some of the best RPGs in years. Last year's Divinity 2 (sadly only on PC for now) especially is one of the highest rated games and especially RPGs of all time on Metacritic.

What's wrong with that?. DQ builders is sadly on on Switch and PS4 for one example, or other 3rd party titles limited to either of those two systems.

I personally find Spellforce III to be one of the best RPG/RTS blends in recent years (it released last year, but I've been plkaying it this year).

The first Divinity: Original Sin was on consoles as well. I don't really care, as I own a PC and gladly prefer to play a complex RPG like that on with a mouse...that said it was crowd funded and that's the main reason why this epic game is not on consoles yet. I will most likely happen though. 

Haven't played Spellforce 3 yet but I've heard good stuff after they had fixed the launch chaos.