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BraLoD said:
You proved your worthy, thou shall remake LoD now

That would be a really really big undertaking. Would need a minimum of 3yrs in the oven. I doubt this would be their next project. Sorry man....

Azuren said:
Here's hoping for Demon's Souls.

Doesn't need a remake. Its PS3 graphics still will hold up today.

TheGamer_1995 said:
Please be the Ratchet and Clank Future Saga.
Most underrated games on PS3 ever.

Highly unlikely as insomniac has shown they are more than willing to tackle their own remakes.

kazuyamishima said:
Possible Medievil Remake.

Possible, doubt it tho since rumours of this were already making the rounds before SoTC:R.


You guys aren't digging deep enough. It will have to be a PS1 or at best PS2 game. 

My money is on Vagrant Story or Syphon Filter. Or maybe even Indigo prophecy or Fear effect.