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That would be a dream come true.... LOL
But, no, too much high profiles games for a single E3.

We probably will get some information about the next Metroid Prime or Pokemon Switch or Fire Emblem Switch, but that´s it.... just generic information about character design /development, no screenshots or gameplay or even trailers of sorts. Same goes with Bayonetta 3 or the highly-secret Pikmin 4

I also don´t believe, at this point, that they´re going to port Smash Bros or Mario Maker. Those games were very very successful and it would make sense to be ported but I do think Nintendo may have different plans for those franchises with... future sequels, maybe? Still... just a guess.

Now, I do think that we may get a new IP and some announcements about Animal Crossing ... after the extremely sucessfull New Leaf, and pushing Animal Crossing so hard on mobile, Nintendo would be crazy if they weren´t investing in a new Animal Crossing for the Switch.