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pokoko said:
I have a feeling it won't score over 90 on Metacritic. It would not surprise me to see it getting some negative scores because it changes gears from the original trilogy. "Traditionalists" sometimes don't want to like new things.

On the other hand, we do seem to be in the midst of more score inflation so who knows.

I agree with this. Above 90 would be great for the game (if you care about that sort of thing) but I can see plenty of reviewers gunning for clicks looking for areas of criticism, and when you deviate from the GoW formula like they intend to with this game, it gives them clickbait essentially. 

It also probably won't sell higher than 8M. I don't say either of those things to rag on the game since I love the franchise, but I'm just trying to be a bit realistic so I can properly enjoy any successes the game actually has.