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JustThatGamer said:
Barkley said:

No... God of War is not going to sell better than Uncharted 4, which might just hit the 15m mark.

As for the metacritic, it's possible. Could be as low as 86, could be as high as 94.

I'd probably say 90 MC and 7.5m sales.

Uncharted 4's first month NPD couldn't even top God of War III's, the new God of War will be even bigger in America and a lot of effort went into making the game more appealing to Europeans so if that's successful (I think it will be) the game could be as big or bigger than Uncharted 4, hopefully it'll be bundled as much too.

I'd guess between 90-95% average score (93%) and will sell 10-15 million (12.5m).

I'm European, never played a GoW before, but have this new one pre-ordered. Know alot of people in the same situation.

I'm also pretty certain that Kratos is alot more recognized that Nathan Drake, but that's just my assumption :D

There's also alot more PS4's sold now when GoW releases, than when UC4 released :)

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War: