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peachbuggy said:
Nautilus said:
I hope not.I have said several times, and Ill say again:I want Retro to do something original.No DK, no Metroid, no Smash.Do something that only they can do, and we may have something special on our hands.

I'd be happy with Smash, New IP or even something like f zero or excite truck! DK, less so. I just thought that Nintendo wouldn't want Smash to be just another port, so it would probably take 4-5 years, which could also easily equate to holiday time to make an outstanding one, hence Retro's relative silence for 4 years. 

I think Nintendo may be of the opinion of too many ports from Wii u may cause some backlash from fans and maybe are even aware of the beginnings of mumblings of discontent from some regarding them. 

People overestimate the importance of IPs like Smash and Pokemon for the success of the Switch.Sure that if they released them this year, it would make the Switch sell even more than it will, but it will still sell alot.We are certainly getting games like FE and Animal crossing this year, and those other games that have yet to be announced(but are not those two I mentioned) will be more than enough for the Switch to sell those 20 millions.Every single existing Nintendo franchise is selling better on the Switch than in any other console, and I think people are underestimating those games sales potential and market reach, at least as far as I see.

And so I reach the point I wanted to talk about:Nintendo needs games for 2019 and beyond.Animal Crossing, for better or worse, has the same if not more appeal than Smash, so it can do its job this year.Leaving Smash 5 to release next year, which would give 4 or 5 years to any of Nintendo development teams, that is not Retro, to work on it.

And I mean, Smash is comming either way, no matter who ends up developing.And its not like they will give the IP to a rookie studio or an unkown team.What Nintendo really needs is new games, new ideas, like ARMS.And Retro being one of the few western studios that Nintendo has, could give a breath of fresh air to Nintendo lineup.So thats why I want and hope that they are making something new.Not only for new fans to buy a Switch, but also for old fans that want something different.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.