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endimion said:
Turning Sony around ???? You mean cutting limbs left and right to keep afloat a sinking ship..... No offense but from a pure financial stand point there is nothing turned around about Sony.... Now before I get attacked I ain't talking about the PS brand in particular which is a powerful brand.... But to say Kaz has turned around Sony is a stretch.... He sure did good but there's a long way to go... And Sony has a lot of internal management issues to settle and probably more limbs that need to be cut.... They should focus entertainment production IMO and cut the rest at least for the mass market... Keep the pro and high end hardware and cut the rest...

I agree that they have a long ways to go to stabilize the company, and the main issue is getting all divisions/managment focused on a core vision. 

However, they are in the best postition they have ever been in as a company. They will have by far the most profitable year they have ever had. Every division is profitable, and some are very profitable. 

The job is never done, but Kaz did an excellent job in the time he was there. Now it is up to the next wave to continue where him and Sir Howard Stringer left off. They need to unify their divisions behind the PlayStation OS and PlayStation Network, and get all of their products working in perfect harmony. The PS4 has given them a launching pad, now they just need to continue to build on it. 

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