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Hiku said:
Farsala said:

Either way it is just an early estimate, which is why they don't release the estimates until like a month later.

The famitsu report might have misconstrued a capcom report about Asia sales vs JP sales.

I am just looking for possibilities because a 38% ratio doesn't make sense yet.

I edited this into my post before you replied, but I'll repeat it here:

But you're saying that the 3 day (1,35m) figure is shipped units? Well they used the term sold (売), and I don't know how they usually refer to shipped units, but whether the 1,35m figure is shipped or sold, the digital ratio using Famitsu's physical (1,35m) numbers is 32,5%.

I was hesitant to use Famitsu's 1,35m figure at first because I wasn't sure why it differed so much from MC numbers, but it appears MC's numbers are based on 2 days of tracking, and Famitsu's are based on 3 days?

Those are sold. 1.25m MC is sold and 1.35m Famitsu is sold.

2m is 1.35m sold+ #digital sold + #shipped.