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Hiku said:
Farsala said:

I think a big issue is that most people use MC physical with Famitsu digital numbers. so 1.25m physical (2 days tracked) and 750k digital is 38%, which is higher than the global average by a lot at 30%.

But recent posts say that it is shipped (transit) plus digital which I can believe more. And the report in the op is 3 days tracked vs the 2 days in MC, unless I'm mistaken.

What recent posts? You mean in reference to that Tweet from Takashi Mochizuki?

Takashi seems to be refering to Capcom's "5 million shipped + digital" statement.
Famitsu are definitely not.

I've already explained this in my previous post:


That first figure (135.0万) is referring to 1,35m copies sold in Japan in 3 days. After that it mentions that "including the downloaded version, it is estimated to exceed 2 million."

So the second figure is in reference to the first one.
And there is no mention of Capcoms 5 million worldwide shipped figure present anywhere in the sentence, or the entire article.
They made an entirely separate article for the 5 million shipped figure here:

I had a friend fluent in Japanese double check this for me, and he concurred.
They're talking about sales figures already made in Japan over 3 days (1,35m), and that if you include the downloaded version, the number of sales are estimated to have surpassed 2m.

Either way it is just an early estimate, which is why they don't release the estimates until like a month later.

The famitsu report might have misconstrued a capcom report about Asia sales vs JP sales.

I am just looking for possibilities because a 38% ratio doesn't make sense yet.