WoodenPints said:

- 1080p vs 874p on base ps4/X1
- Resolution mode is 1800p checkerboard vs Native 1728p, More foliage on Pro but overall cleaner image on X
- Pro+X graphics/performance mode all 1080p
- Looks like the base PS4 runs at 27-28 fps mostly and base X1 at 24-25 fps
- Pro looks to run around 40 fps in performance mode and X around 45, some areas X sees a massive boost over Pro such as in Astera.

Looks like neither console across all the modes are particularly well optimised and Graphics mode seems best for X1 and resolution seems best for Pro from the video. Sounds like they really need to implement a 30fps cap option for resolution mode though as it hovers only just above 30 and looks a little stuttery.

Okay, I am happy I am waiting for the PC versions. The performance on the base consoles  is pretty abysmal (especially on Xbox) from my perspective, and the unlocked frame-rate is annoying. Plenty of games to keep me occupied until then on PS4, Switch, and PC, plus my backlog. Still, very hard to resist the game for now.