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Farsala said:
Fairly sure its wrong now. 2m shipped to Asia as a whole is my assumption. 650k digital is unheard of for Japan, as well as the 2m out of ~6m attach ratio for a PS game.

There is always the first time. 1.35 FW sales were also not expected by the majority of the people when this was announced. 140k of PS4 so late in gen in non-holiday period is also amazing. 


The day D3 Publisher announced Earth Defense Force 5 crossed 300,000 sales, Media Create showed its total at 212,000, meaning 88,000 were digital sales (~30%). If Earth Defense Force 5 can do 88,000, I think expecting 650k from Monster Hunter: World is reasonable especially considering the wide spread shortages and first week sales. 

Last edited by Noobie - on 31 January 2018