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Kowan said:

I love BoA(although I like her Japanese discography more) and lately, I've been into Red Velvet(their new song is really good). I also like one TWICE song, which is their latest one called Heart Breaker. My all time favorite girlgroup though is F(X). Their last 3 albums are all amazing. It's just unfortunate that they haven't released any new songs though, although some of their members are releasing some new stuff every now and then. 

"Shattered" is my favourite BoA song. "Heart Shaker" by TWICE is freaking awesome. I fail to understand why people don't seem to like f(x)'s debut album (Pinocchio, later repackaged as Hot Summer). Personally, I think it might be their best album. I especially love "Pinocchio", "Hot Summer", "Dangerous", "Beautiful Goodbye", and "My Style". The only dud on that album is "Gangsta Boy".

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