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Thechalkblock said:
Sometimes I feel like what I need in my life to stop being depressed isn’t quite attainable. What I mean is, maybe I can hold the feeling off for awhile, but it always comes back.

I’m not sure if I’m just going about dealing with my depression the wrong way, or if there’s actually something chronic that I can’t get rid of by normal means.

When I feel this way I can’t really enjoy anything. I don’t want to play games, listen to music, watch anything, etc. It makes me feel like there’s nothing that can pull me out of this.

I just wish I had a foolproof way of releasing these feelings.

Go to a therapist and talk about these issues.
There is no right or wrong ways, there are ways though.
It is about your life, it will cost you.. but it is about your life, it is worth the time and effort. Get real help, not 'keyboard advice'.

my (now ex)gf is bipolar and got diagnosed with it ~6months ago, 3½years of on and off hell/bliss.
(it is not direct depression, but you can get depressed during episodes)
Therapy helps a lot, she is better off now cause she learned of ways to control her condition

if it is a re-occurring thing you should check it up and not brush it off.

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