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Wrongly using "you're and your" is only the tip of the iceberg. What about "their and there" or the very stupid "then and than". How hard is it to know the difference between then and than, seriously? Yet how many times I see people writing "this is better then that"

So I guess that annoys me a lot but so many other things annoy me too, things that are way worse than bad grammar (yes THAN bad grammar and not "then", you idiots). Things like wars for instance. War is mass murder made legal, yet everybody accepts it as a normal event in the history of any society, so much so in fact that EVERY country has an army, every country has weapons and every country is proud of their military. That reminds me of a say I heard once: Kill a man and they will call you a murderer, kill a million men and they will call you a conqueror, go figure...

Also a lot of other stuff annoys me. Religion, ignorance, malevolence, capitalism which is predatory in nature, communism which is a lie, the world "justice" used for everything related to legal affairs, how the fuck can anyone or anything be just? To be just you must be perfect, nobody is perfect therefore nobody is just. At best you can say the laws have been upheld but never "justice has been made". How pretentious and conceited of people to think there is such a thing as justice...

But perhaps you are talking about small things in our every day lives that annoy us so in that department I got a few. I hate when people in the streets or in stores touch you, especially your back when they want to talk to you or pass beyond you. Can't they just say, excuse me I need to pass? No they must touch your shoulder which is disgusting. I hate trash cans in the streets, they are disgusting and a nest of bacteria like you wouldn't believe and I always give those a wide berth. Sometimes when a sidewalk is too narrow and there is a trash can on it, I'd rather walk that section on the very street where cars pass, rather than risk touching the can. I hate smoking people, so I stay at a distance to avoid their stinking drug.

There are other things I hate but can't think of those off the top of my head, also this post is long enough as it is now so this is it for now.

Last edited by CrazyGamer2017 - on 28 January 2018