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peachbuggy said:
quickrick said:

i usually wouldn't source vgchartz but they are backed by npd, media create, and nintendo figures this time. we already know thanks to the recent announcements north america is much stronger then europe and rest of world for switch, and switch sold 1.5 million in NPD, you have subtract 14 days of strong holiday sales because npd tracks december npd through november 26, that leaves only 15 more days of holiday sales for switch its safe to say its sold 800-900k after the 10 million announcement. anyway you ca discuss the numbers here if you like

The numbers here have already been adjusted up over 200k for 30/12 due to a mistake. I doubt they are massively off, i just expect them to be adjusted up in the more difficult to track regions after Nintendo's end of quarter announcement. Incidentally, Nintendo hasn't made any announcements since the 12th? I think and that was before the biggest 12 days of shopping worldwide. They also rather vaguely announced the figures as "over 10m"  and didn't give a date for the attaining of those figures. So as i said, i will wait for Nintendo's "Official" figures at the end of this month.

yea they gave a date, the whole month of december is pretty huge, and cyber monday is huge as well in november which was tracked by december npd. infact cyber monday 2017 was the best sale day in history for amazon.

Last edited by quickrick - on 25 January 2018