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peachbuggy said:
quickrick said:

that makes 0 sense. vgchartz which i believe is accurate is using mostly official data since it's out shows switch sold through 12.2 million by the end of 2017, you're saying if they shipped 14.5-15  million for 2017 there would shortages after the holiday period, ok...

Yeh, i'd take those numbers with a huge sack of salt. I believe Nintendo was planning to ship 14m before 31/1/17 so as there's shortages then the figure is likely higher, as shortages indicate not much in the channels. I'll wait for Nintendo's report, thank you. 

i usually wouldn't source vgchartz but they are backed by npd, media create, and nintendo figures this time. we already know thanks to the recent announcements north america is much stronger then europe and rest of world for switch, and switch sold 1.5 million in NPD, you have subtract 14 days of strong holiday sales because npd tracks december npd through november 26, that leaves only 15 more days of holiday sales for switch its safe to say its sold 800-900k after the 10 million announcement. anyway you ca discuss the numbers here if you like