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Miyamotoo said:
quickrick said:

my point is there is evidence suggesting they didn't, doesn't mean its fact, and no need to get defensive over it.of course i know the difference between shipped and sold through.  

It's not point about defence but about facts, point that maybe they shipped 7-8m in Q4 doesn't mean that stock problems are completely over.

In any case we will know exactly in less than one week, but it's expected that Nintendo shipped 14-15m as December 31.

ok  nintendo know's January is a great month in japan for sales, look at Vgcharts sale through number which are probably very close since it's only 2 weeks of data, we know nintendo numbers for december 10, is it logical for japan to have shortages, because somebody really messed with with shipping then, because after the 24 in europe and US, sales are nothing special, why would they have so many consoles sitting there and shortages in japan, just doesn't make sense to me. i think 14 shipped is the max.

Last edited by quickrick - on 25 January 2018