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Miyamotoo said:
quickrick said:

I'm talking about nintendo shipped numbers which will be reported in 6 days.

Probably will be higher number than 13.5m, analyst predict 14-15m shipped at end of December.

i just don't see it with the shortages,  if nintendo said  sold through 10 million as of the DEC 10th. NPD tracks till the of 26 of november till the 30 of december. i could be easily wrong, but at best they sold 3.5 million in December, but we would have deduct 9 days of sales WW, and december is only good till the 25th so that would put them at 12 million-12.5 million sold through, they wouldn't have any shortages if they shipped 14 million.

Last edited by quickrick - on 25 January 2018