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potato_hamster said:
tbone51 said:

No chance. Zelda on switch going to do more than 10mil.

Wait, hold up now. Let me get this Straight. A Legend of Zelda game has never sold more than 7.5 million, and after a year, BOTW is going to have around 5M in sales on Switch. But BOTW is definitely doing more than 10 million yes?

However, because God of War has never sold more than 4.8 million, it's impossible for it to hit 10 million?

Even though there are 60 million more PS4 owners than Switch owners? Are you sure about this?

Your missing a few takes on this, let me help you out.


First off GoW 1 and 2 were on a 150mil+ userbase, thats just to point out your userbase arguement.


Second, BotW sales are around 7mil (by end of 2017) and will be around 8mil after its been on the market for a year on switch alone. (Add 1.5mil for wiiu anytime later) and thats on a userbase of less than 20mil. Its an evergreen title that will sell as more and nore people buy the switch. GoW will not come close in legs.


Lastly Best selling LoZ as you said are 7.6mil and 8.5mil (TP on wii/gc) but BotW is an everchanging game to the franchise. Not to knock down GoW but they arent comparable in that reguard.


That said its just BotW though, GoW can outsell almost every LoZ ever aside from BotW