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To me the best way to get over depression is really to just work out, I know it's hard to get motivated but seriously the gym is an amazing place once you really get started.

Getting tired actually feels amazing, depression is really draining on the mind but once you start working out it really brings your spirits up. To me, working out is a cathartic experience, it feels like those negative emotions you once had basically just dissipates and escapes from your body.

I was a shut-in, I almost never went out, I stayed in and played games and watched a ton of anime, I felt like I had no purpose in life, it felt kinda pointless to me and I felt drained even though I rarely engaged in physical activity.

I started working out one day on some free trial thing and goddamn the first day felt amazing, I liked feeling tired, feeling the pain, it made me feel as if I was on this plane of existence, I was a lot happier and gaming actually felt fun, anime didn't feel like background noise.

Working out is amazing, it can get really hard to stay motivated and trust me sometimes I really didn't want to go but once you get in there and your adrenaline gets flowing, you feel alive and not as detached from life as I once was.