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AnmolRed said:
I live in India too,and honestly that's a way better launch price than I expected, though because of such high prices I usually buy consoles when the next generation is already underway (got a ps3 just a year ago) so most probably a 2021 purchase xD

The PS3 is expensive for what it offers. Its like 18k for the 12GB version. Which one did you get?

It does have amazing exclusives, pretty much the best of any platform IMO.

AnmolRed said:
Kerotan said:

Microsoft did however have a bit of success with 360 but squandered it with the xb1. What part of India are you from? 

Bangalore, yes they had a fair bit of success but failed to carry it on because of that awful launch, also store shelves have more of a Sony presence,( Sony also has their own showrooms) while mostly Microsoft has products displayed in the laptop space, have to go to a mall to sight some Xbox one's, though it's gotten better in the last year because of the Xbox one S , however I doubt the X will do very well.

Nice man, I do think Bangalore and New Delhi are very different markets. Xbox One is doing decently here. That's the reason Microsoft had a launch event here I think xD