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Johnw1104 said:
halil23 said:

Such ignorance!!

Unlike US corps who dodges their taxes, Japaneses corps pays their tax.

Understand how a corrupt/dirty business run before you post such ignorance.

Not exactly out of the goodness of their heart's lol... Japan has similar laws to China which make it essentially impossible to dodge corporate taxes via the use of subsidiaries in tax haven countries. If loopholes were available they'd certainly be exploiting them too, which is why the laws were necessary in the first place.

Japan is still home to one of the most oppressive corporate cultures in the world, and their reputation for quality has been on a steady (and now hastening) decline for years now, as seen in the latest scandal where most of the top manufacturers have admitted to outright lying about materials and quality dating back to the 1970's:

I'm not posting to imply that the rest of the world's corporate cultures are intrinsically better, but rather to point out that Japan's corporate culture is also riddled with serious problems.

There are so many other things wrong with corporate culture in Japan that I wouldn't exactly glorify them even if they did pay their taxes out of the goodness of their hearts..