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Xbox One X had a launch event at The Oberoi in New Delhi where it was unveiled at 45k rupees which is about $650. That is no a bad price at all considering PS4 launched at 40k rupees which at 2013 exchange rates was $670. That was a $400 console and this a $500 console. PS4 500GB is currently available at 28k rupees which is $400 while Xbox One S costs 21k rupees which is $300. PS4 still sells way better but Xbox One has been making up some ground since the release of Forza Horizon 3.

Racing games are very popular here and IGN scores can make or break a game in terms of sales so if Microsoft keeps bringing in racing games every year that get 9.0 and above on IGN and Sony keeps fucking the consumers with their pricing strategy Xbox could make a comeback and I hope they do because PlayStation brings no discounts at all and that's just bad for consumers.