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Miyamotoo said:
Teeqoz said:

You don't think many of the 23 million GC owners also owned GBAs? And same with Wii U owners?

Even without overlap, the only generation where Nintendo's combined home console and handheld sales exceeded the PS2 was the 7th gen.

Like I said, some people will buy multiple Switches, but with a higher price than previous Nintendo handhelds, it will be fewer.

I don't think many of them did, few millions probably, at thats quite low number compared to 3DS/GBA numbers.

Cant argue to that, but like I wrote Switch can be easily be more popular to people that are not only Nintendo fans.

We could easily have Switch Mini/Pocket, its not hard to imagine that at end Switch Mini/Pocket could have price point of $100-150.

Even if it's only a few (let's say 5) million in overlap, you need every million you can get. The 3DS and GBA just barely crossed half of what the PS2 did. Remove 5 million and it becomes even more unlikely.

The price will drop, but the Switch will ultimately still have a higher minimum price than the GBA and DS reached, and 3DS will reach, simply because all of the aforementioned had weak hardware (for their time), even for a handheld. The Switch on the other hand is pretty powerful for a handheld.  The 3DS was about 10 times as powerful as the DS. The Switch on the other hand is about 100 times as powerful as the 3DS.