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LimaBean01 said:
1. Evangelion series (all forms of Eva media)
2. Made in Abyss
3. Paranoia Agent
4. Future Diary
5. Devilman Crybaby
6. Tokyo Ghoul (mostly for nostalgia reasons; one of the first I watched)
7. Death note
8. Death Parade
9. Assassination Classroom
10. Berserk
(Obligatory honourable mention to junjou romantica)

Still need to get around to watching steins;gate, cowboy bebop, psycho pass, code grass, castlevania, and ghost in the shell.

Ah yes, Evangelion, I really enjoyed that one. Many don’t like it because Shinji is too emotionally damaged, but I find that is part of what makes it interesting - stories about emotionally stable people are common, easy to process, and boring.

Castlevania is probably the most entertaining game to TV/film adaptation I have ever seen, and it’s only just started.

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