curl-6 said:

Well judged in terms of what results in a good end product. Doom on Switch for example is still a great game even without the map editor. RotTR on 360 was a good conversion too. Speaking of high performance profiles, RE7 is 1080/60fps on PS4, that one would be a prime example of a port that could be done relatively easily and would likely sell quite solidly on Switch and make a healthy profit.

I also remembered you stealth editing out Capcom messing up technically but truth be told no Japanese developers so far this gen has shown to be technically proficient ... (almost none of them are pioneering new technical standards and they don't want to make specialized console engines either like big western publishers) 

1080p/60fps games on PS4 are ideal for Switch so I guess RE7 is a good fit. It's just too bad that there aren't many of those games that perform that well on PS4 ...