Sony happens to be very successful in most of their ventures. Their bravia lines are among the best moth in quality and sales and also up there are their cyber shot line. In my eyes they are not as good as the Powershot from cannon but the come the closest. This is a well written and though out point of view but it is evident you had something against Sony when you started this. Now try if you can to put aside any complaints or criticisms of Sony that you have gleaned off of other people and question logic. Did Sony try to strangle the market with a new media format such as the umd? Keep in mind that Sony has been working with the blu ray group since 98. How many burners were introduced? Players for the home? How many practical applications could you have with a 1.8gig disk that you couldn't with a DVD? I don't buy any argument against UMD other than the fact that it was too expensive. I scoffed and laughed at the movies but it works fine as a distribution method for games. On an HD television the difference between DVD’s and any HD format is huge. Unless it is upscaled, even then it is noticeable. Let’s clear the air here about Blu ray. Sony is the spearhead for this format but they were never the sole creators and they weren't even the first to bring blu ray to the table. They were among nine companies. Media change is never supposed to happen overnight but if you are paying attention it is happening pretty fast. A large portion of the world is hopping on the HD bandwagon and all the major studios want to reduce it to one or two formats that they can transfer and distribute easily. What ever is good for the production companies will eventually be good for the consumer. I for one was mildly excited about the HD quality movies because soon you can probably DL these new movies to a media center. What is exciting about Blu ray is its storage capacity and if the tables were reversed I would support HDDVD more if it could hold more space. Your arguments against Sony and blu ray are obviously biased. How do you think markets evolve in the first place? Products are offered and it is up to the consumer to purchase it or leave it alone. I am sorry but my DVD's have been sitting on the shelf for quite sometime and none of them "evolved" into a next gen format on their own. The Blu ray movement was started way before UMD's were introduced and it has an outrageously large following. It was noticeable how most companies were holding back until BR issues were resolved and it becomes very apparent when you look at the 2007 lineups for both BR and HD exactly which format has the most support. MS is only supporting HD-DVD to spurn competition. The have said so themselves that they believe the future is in digital distribution. I love the idea of a BR player being in the PS3 because it excites me to see what the Devs can do with the space if they choose to use it. AS it stands now, the loudest way you can protest Sony's inclusion of BR into the PS3's are by not buying it. Why wouldn't they include BR into their own device? It is their choice. Have an issue with magic gates being used in the PSP's or the cybershot's. People are whining, and I use that term lightly, about what Sony does when all they have to do is simply not purchase it. Even if blu ray fails as a movie medium the PS3 users do not lose out because they still have a disk with a large storage medium to play their games on. You are sadly mistaken if you think that Sony masterminded the HD market proliferation and it is quite sad. Again as far as the PS1 DL's for the PSP it all amounts to whining still. God forbid SONY wants you to by another SONY device to transfer a SONY owned game to another SONY owned system. Not getting how silly the whining sounds yet? Sony's sales are pretty strong for a system that is $600 dollars and I hear from many people that they are still going to get a PS3 they just need to save. More fence sitters will most likely come over when they see multiple exclusives hit the PS3 that tickles their fancy. Calls for sonny’s death are premature and seem increasingly desperate as every minor issue is blown out of proportion. This generation will be an interesting one indeed.

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