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Updated with weeks 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 and 39!

Zelda BotW is on slay mode! Already 1.3m ahead of TP Wii with the best yet to come (full december sales). Might be 2m ahead of TP Wii by the end of the year. We should get official shipped + digital numbers from Nintendo in a couple of days so the thread will be updated.

PS: Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm on vacation (this is the time of the year vacations take place in Brazil / from Dec to Feb).

Last edited by LipeJJ - on 20 January 2018

Bet with Teeqoz for 2 weeks of avatar and sig control that Super Mario Odyssey would ship more than 7m on its first 2 months. The game shipped 9.07m, so I won