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spurgeonryan said:

Big third party developers supported the Wii as well. Remember that final fantasy game?

Ubisoft, I am sure,  were surprised as hell when Rabbids ended up being a good game. 

Capcom has supported since the Wii days. But where are the big games? Resident Evil,  real Street fighter,  etc. 

You are mistaking big companies with big games. We are getting more of the same,  more or less. Remember my OP? I said I am missing a few games and it is not totally hopeless,  but still questionable. 

Where is CoD?

We are getting Bully and we got LA Noire. You consider those big games or after thoughts? We got Skyrim! A decade old game that was hinted at on the Wii U. Yay!

I am glad you did not fully spit your drink out,  but I hope I got my point across. 

What Final Fantasy game? 

The big games you mentioned can't really run on the Switch hardware. It's too weak. 

I don't think it's reasonable to expect every AAA multiplat on PS4/XB1/PC to be ported over to Switch. Instead we should expect good third party support ala 3DS. Lots of companies like Capcom, Atlus, and Square Enix supported the 3DS by making games tailored exclusively for that platform. 1/2 of my 3DS library is nothing but 3rd party games. That's the kind of support that Switch will wind up getting.