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Stuart23 said:

Besides the indies,there was a bunch of japanese devs expressing success on Switch. Bandai, Koey, Capcom, NIS, Square, already gave multiple reports about how their Switch releases selling above expectations and how they will improve their support on the platform. From other devs I can remember Ubisoft also expressing good sales, but to be fair besides Mario + Rabbids their other releases were old ports and party games,so the expectations maybe weren't that high.

OP: like many others already said,most of thirds were not on board with the Switch at launch because of the Wii U third party disaster. A big game takes a lot of time to port and again,many of the powerhorse games will not end on Switch. That said,we had a few great surprises with thirds last year and I think we will have more this year.

Again, it's mostly Western pubs that aren't particularly impressed with the Switch, and even among Japanese pubs, there are many major games that don't seem to be coming to Switch any time soon (Final Fantasy XV, FFVII Remake, Kingdom Hearts III, Monster Hunter World, and Resident Evil VII are just some of the biggest examples that come to mind). I do expect more third party support from this point going forward, and I have seen Japanese third parties expressing satisfaction (at least Bandai Namco, Capcom, and NIS, haven't seen Square talk about successful their games have been on Switch), but I find it telling that almost every game from them so far have been late ports, several from PS3 (Xenoverse 2, Street Fighter II, and Dragon Quest Builders being the biggest examples). 

I did mention that most AAA games started development before specs on the Switch were revealed, and thus they couldn't have ports ready. Again I do expect more third party ports in the coming years, mostly from Japanese pubs along with Ubi and Bethesda (assuming Doom and Wolfenstein II meets expectations anyway, something we don't yet know).

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