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thismeintiel said:
KLAMarine said:

From what I understand, JJ Abrams didn't exactly answer questions with Lost so not sure he'll be able to wrap things up neatly in 9. I think Johnson said there was no plan from the start.

Considering the guy who wrote BvS and JL is helping to write it, I'd say that movie is pretty much doomed. I'm expecting them to either try to fix things from Ep8, which these two are not capable of doing, at least competently. Or just continue on, excepting everything from Ep8, and make another wannabe Marvel film. 

Yep... and this is why I say the damage is already done. And it is very sad but I lost all eager to see ep 9.

When ep 2 was released, I didnt like to movie (but enjoyed ep1. flawed but I enjoyed). But I still wanted to see ep3. I wanted to see how that story would end. But not with ep 9. And the movie about Han Solo? I dont even know when it will be released... dont care.