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KLAMarine said:
Vincoletto said:
The problem with disney is that for old sw fans the damage is already done. JJ cant undo whats been done on TLJ. I think that if he could be the director and writer of ep 9 things would be very different. After all he is a sw fan. Of course he can make a good movie with ep9 but it will be very difficult.
But hey, if it has a lot of explosions, plotholes, sjw dominance probably the critics will love and make another 1 billion on screens.

From what I understand, JJ Abrams didn't exactly answer questions with Lost so not sure he'll be able to wrap things up neatly in 9. I think Johnson said there was no plan from the start.

If I remember correctly, he was the creator of lost and wrote only the first and second season. The writers were other people.

And dont remind me of Lost, please... it hurts...