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I already have the steel book SPECIAL EDITION on pre-order. This will be the THIRD time I am putting down money for this game. This is just how much the art of this game means to me. And well, I never get excited about special editions and I NEVER pre-order anything (I'm not even a collector of anything). But wow, to have a proper display case of possibly my favourite video game of all time is just something I simply cannot miss out on. I cannot believe I'm more excited for this than many new sounds crazy to me! But yeah, less than a month to go and it's here in PS4 style - just how I would have envisioned it back in 04 when I first played it.

Anyway, this game is sort of a cult classic. Sold well enough and means the world to the people who have played it and understood its power. But, it's no Final Fantasy or Zelda or something like that.

I'm certain it must have topped 2 million copies between the original PS2 version and PS3 remaster version. Each selling around a million, I'm assuming.

So, how well will the PS4 version do? I'm thinking it can sell a further million to make it to 3 million total. I'd love to see it sell 500,000 in its first week but that is way too optimistic. So I'm thinking anywhere between 100-300,000 copies. I truly hope with the next gen graphics it will bring in NEW fans to the game.