COKTOE said:
Kerotan said:
Why am I surprised but I get raped by rocks tar glitches again. This time a glitch called purple nines. It's when you start a new game and a certain gang is gone which stops you doing a mission.

So 60% complete and I'm fucked again. I deleted my save files on the ps4 and th the cloud. I'm not sure if I'll go a third time.

Losing a lot of respect for rocks tar releasing these games with known game breaking bugs and no warning. So much pain and suffering. I feel like venom snake.

I didn't see you started a second time till' just now. Oh fuck man. I am aware of the Purple Nines glitch. I remember reading about it when I did my run. I know it's just a game, but you have my sympathy. This type of thing has happened to me many times. My first thread on VGC  ( the old site, it's not accessible unless you're a mod ) was a total meltdown over a glitched plat in fact.:) For InFamous. It wasn't a good look. ha.I ended up starting hard mode from scratch the same day it failed to pop the first time, and getting it a few days later. But again, as for your situation, that blows man. Have a beer or 2. Maybe it will help. Best of luck if you start a 3rd time.

Unfortunately I can't drink atm but I really need one. I had read about the glitch too but I thought it was only if you left it until after the final mission. I didn't realise it was to do with a new game save. 


I can't believe these fucking clowns. First a glitch stopped me getting 2 gold trophies to plat gta iv, then glitches caused me to spend about 3 months extra trying to get the gta v plat and now gta 3 is making me play it a third time. 


What hurts me the most is I should be well into vice city by now which is my favourite ps2 gta. Instead I'm stuck doing this 3 times so I'm going to be burnt out by the time I'm done and won't be in the mood for vice city.


Fool me once,  shame on you. 

Fool me twice,  shame on me. 

Fool me trice, FUCK YOU ROCKSTAR.