Kerotan said:
Why am I surprised but I get raped by rocks tar glitches again. This time a glitch called purple nines. It's when you start a new game and a certain gang is gone which stops you doing a mission.

So 60% complete and I'm fucked again. I deleted my save files on the ps4 and th the cloud. I'm not sure if I'll go a third time.

Losing a lot of respect for rocks tar releasing these games with known game breaking bugs and no warning. So much pain and suffering. I feel like venom snake.

I didn't see you started a second time till' just now. Oh fuck man. I am aware of the Purple Nines glitch. I remember reading about it when I did my run. I know it's just a game, but you have my sympathy. This type of thing has happened to me many times. My first thread on VGC  ( the old site, it's not accessible unless you're a mod ) was a total meltdown over a glitched plat in fact.:) For InFamous. It wasn't a good look. ha.I ended up starting hard mode from scratch the same day it failed to pop the first time, and getting it a few days later. But again, as for your situation, that blows man. Have a beer or 2. Maybe it will help. Best of luck if you start a 3rd time.

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