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- The map to Luke Skywalker

Did Luke give the map to Lor San Tekka? Or did he discover it? Honestly, I don't know. Maybe someone can chime in. But that's a big difference.

- The treatment of Luke's character

This is the "error" I see most often, but I really don't think it counts. Yes, the conceptualization of Luke in TLJ is different from the conceptualization of Luke in ROTJ. However, 30 years have passed. People change. Seeing Luke grow from a callow teenager to a Jedi knight was great, but did people seriously expect a human being to remain unchanged over the course of three decades? Believe me, this isn't how I saw Luke either, but a character isn't bad or inexplicable just because he's not what you wanted/expected. Some might argue that an unexpected, unconventional take makes the character more interesting.

- Holdo not telling anyone her plan

I interpreted this as Holdo telling the plan to senior leadership, and Poe was excluded.

- Rose saving Finn

I'm not sure how she caught up. So I'll give you that one. Honestly, the bigger problem is that Finn should have died. That would have been a great ending to his arc. I'm not sure what he's supposed to do in the next one.

For Holdo, I dunno. Maybe they needed a human at the helm to respond if anything went wrong. Maybe it's a resistance tradition for captains to go down with their ships -- we see this happen earlier. Maybe everyone was in a tense, life-or-death situation and wasn't thinking straight.

Star Wars has always played fast and loose with space. 

- Rey's parents, and her lack of training

Rey's parentage was the right move, I think. Weren't folks tired of every important person in a galaxy of thousands of planets being either a Skywalker or a Solo?

Lack of training, I will give you. I think you can justify the fight at the end of TFA because Ben was totally unhinged after killing his father and bleeding out from a shot from a weapon that had, earlier in the movie, thrown Stormtroopers back 5 yards.

But she gets even stronger in TLJ. It's just boring. She's boring. I want a hero with a flaw. What is Rey's flaw? Missing her parents? For me, Kylo is by far the more interesting, conflicted character. 

- Why didn't Luke tell anyone that he was a projection/hologram?

Maybe the act of facing down The First Order and surviving a imperial barrage is more inspirational if the onlookers think you're really there? I don't have any problems with this.

- The first mainline Star Wars film without a lightsaber duel

I LOVED this. I appreciate a movie subverting expectations and forging its own path.

- Snoke is so powerful and such an evil mastermind

Snoke is just a crummy villain/character design and I'm glad he's gone  

But seriously, his death proves his overconfidence and Kylo's raw power/ability to hide his true feelings.

- What happened to the Knighst of Ren?

Maybe they'll be in Episode IX, maybe they were out terrorizing another pocket of the galaxy .

Listen, I acknowledge that there are problems with TLJ. But they're structural, tonal, and technical problems. A few moments where things are not explained in 100% perfect detail are not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I regret that legitimate criticism of the movie is being conflated with inconsequential details.