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Great posts.

People who liked the movie (it's their right) have usually no answers for the enormous holes in the plot of this movie. Personnally that's one of the few movies I watched in theater where I was questionning wether the director thought the spectators were idiots. It really felt like it insulted our intelligence.

The biggest holes are obviously the fact that the first Order could have sent several ship in hyperspace to appear in front of the fleeing rebel ship, and could have ended this endless and ridiculous chase right away. The movie would have been over in a few minutes.

Some other ridiculous one is the fact that Snoke is furious against Hux because he think he let the rebels flee. But then Hux tells him he has a tracker to follow them. So Snoke, the supreme leader, wasn't aware of this. But Finn, a former simple stormtrooper, not only know the tracker, but know its exact location inside the first order main ship and know how to neutralize it.

The whole plot with Hold is ridiculous, wanting to die alone and doing nothing on the main ship so the spectator can be just surprised later when a reason magically appear.