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Yeah, during the scene where Rose crashes into Finn to save him I thought the same thing about how did they not get shot at. That was a big crash, and there were tons of AT-AT's and first order people obviously seeing it. And in one of the next scenes it shows that Finn apparently dragged Rose all the way back to the rebel base opening, which was a long distance away.

Apparently none of the tons of AT-AT's that saw them shot at them a single time during that.

And it's like Rian Johnson didn't give a fuck about character continuity at all for Luke Skywalker, in the OT he was willing to die because he sensed a bit of good left in Darth Vader, someone who had killed tons of people. But he feels a bit of darkness in Leia and Han Solo's son so he contemplates killing him immediately in his sleep? That made no sense. 

Also if JJ Abrams did truly have bigger plans for who Rey's parents were and wanted to I guess he could retcon the whole Rey's parents thing in episode 9 to something more and just say that Kylo was lying or something to try to further convince Rey to join him. 

Last edited by FloatingWaffles - on 09 January 2018