Ok so i'm now at rock bottom. off the top of my head this is my lowest ever point in gaming. so obviously it was very annoying losing out on the 100% and having to restart. But the biggest kick in the teeth is doing the level 12 paramedic all over again.It takes such a mental toll having to concentrate for so long. I must have spent about 10 hours trying to complete it the first time around with no cheats. Obviously never wanted to have to do it again but here we are. 


So now i've been spending about 3 hours. The last attempt i got to level 12 with only 3 left to pick up. A cop car decides to take me out when i'm on the home straight. Those clowns don't obey the sirens like they should. Anyway i had one hand on the prize and then this happens. 


Seriously that absolutely prick of a cop just takes me out. 66 people saved out of 69. FML.